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Rob has been involved in fitness and Strength/conditioning for seven years. He has interned with, studied, and taken seminars with some of the top names in the field. Paul Chek, Charles Poliquin, Mike Boyle, Charles Staley, Dave Tate, Joe De Franco, Dr. Eric Serrano, John Berardi, RTS Faculty, to name a few.

Rob's growing list of certifications include:
CHEK Level I Practitioner
CHEK Level II Practitioner
PICP (Poliquin International Certification Program) Level I Theory, Technical.
RTS Lecture, Practical
AIFE Personal Trainer
USA Boxing Coach Level II

He has also studied Gary Craig's EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. Dealing with balancing out the body's energy system.

Rob is known for producing winners and champions. He is also know for giving people what they want goal wise. His training experience consists of training several OHL All-Star hockey players, collegian baseball players, football players, basketball players. He has trained high school football, volleyball, soccer, softball and baseball players, and MMA fighters and boxers.

People seeking fat loss and lean muscular gains have enjoyed much success with Rob's methods. Not only have their physiques improved dramatically but their energy levels and sense of well being are like nothing before.

Rob was also a competitive Amateur boxer winning three golden glove championships. He has been involved in boxing, as a fighter, then trainer for 16 years. His training experience consists of being assistant trainer at three national golden glove tournaments. Rob also has experience coaching in the professional level, having helped corner several fighters.

Rob has also spoken to kids' schools about goals, direction, and principle. He is a very passionate trainer, coach, and speaker. He is a life long learner in his field, and strives to offer the best training experience possible to his clients.

Contact Rob to begin your road to success in your training, and life.

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  Rob Pilger - Phone: 904.463.1668 .