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Rob's goal, and training philosophy is for his students is to master the following fundamentals of boxing.

Movement, the boxer learns how to move efficiently, how to cut of the ring, leverage, balance, how to defend himself,  footwork, head movement, slipping, blocking, rolling, weaving, and countering.  

Offensively they are taught how to develop a strong and fast jab, right hand, and left hook. They are taught how to throw a powerful uppercut, and how to utilize a strong body attack.  

Everyone is trained to their ability, and brought along according to their trainability, and how they are developing. There is no rush. Learn the art, master the art, and enjoy the art! Then enjoy the self confidence, and empowerment you receive.

The person can chose to fight, and compete in registered USA Boxing events, or just learn the art for self defense, while getting in great shape. Rob offers one on one and group sessions.

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Boxing Fitness Training

The group and 1 on 1 Boxing fitness sessions consist of: Jumping rope, Footwork drills, Shadow boxing, Punch mitt work, Heavy bag work, Double end bag work, Speed bag work, and conditioning drills.

This workout enables the trainee to have the results they deserve.



  Rob Pilger - Phone: 904.463.1668 .