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"Dear Friends,

I am writing this testimonial to tell all of you about the great work that Rob Pilger has done with me over the last year. As a result of training under Rob, I have made drastic changes in my body concerning size and strength and becoming a better softball player. I am 31 years old and have been lifting weights for 15 years and I thought that my days of getting significantly stronger and bigger were behind me. Fortunately for me, I was dead wrong.

If I had to describe Rob's workout program with one word it would be "SERIOUS RESULTS". Okay that is two words but I think you guys understand what I mean. Under Rob's tuteledge, I went from benching 300 pounds to 365 pounds, squating 405 to 475 and deadlifting 405 to 465 pounds. I went from being 5'4" 200 pounds to 5'4" 210 pounds during this time period. On the softball field, I'm running faster than I ever have, hitting for power, increasing mobility, and flexability, and throwing the ball better then I ever have. Friends and family alike who know absolutely nothing about training have commented on my size gains over the last year.

Rob does it by taking knowledge from many different experts in the business including Paul Chek, Charles Polquin, Mike Boyle, Joe De Franco, Louie Simmons, Dave Tate from the Westside Barbell Club and blending their principles together into one power packed workout. Rob has vast knowledge about cutting edge supplements and vitamins including Leucemine and Nitro E 8 by Myotrend.

Rob just doesn't stand on his soap box and pontificate to people about training. He practices what he preaches and as a result is one of the strongest guys in our gym. He too has made optimum strength and size gains over the past year.
In closing, without Rob's guidance I would still be an "Average Joe" who had hit his plateau and was maintaining instead of gaining. Now the sky is the limit and I plan on making strength gains for years to come."

-- Dillion Hanson
St. Augustine, Florida

"I have been personal training with Rob for about 2 months. In this time, we have addressed correcting my physical problems (such as my knee alignment), nutrition, and now that a good physical base has been built, we have begun strength training. Rob not only gives me the initiative to work out (because I have to show up for our appointments), but has given advice on how to eat and what supplement are best to take. In just 2 months, I feel better and can already see that I am getting more toned."

-- Stacey Glover
Jacksonville, Florida

"Rob Pilger and his training programs have been absolutely wonderful. Since working with Rob I have been enjoying my workouts and even look forward to them. I have gone from a size 20 to a size 14 within a year. I recommend Rob's services if you want results."

-- Stephanie Biddle
St. Augustine, Florida

"It is very rare today to find someone with Rob's experience that will not only train you but also teach you. I think his success is a result of his ability to evaluate each individual, and push them, accordingly to there ability. He treats everyone as an individual, with respect, and as a friend."

-- Bruce Penny
Syracuse, New York

"Rob does an exceptional job at the training of skills and developing an understanding of what is done and for what reason. I appreciate the art of boxing, and Rob has given me a workout that I have become addicted to."

-- Richard Schneider
Syracuse, New York

  Rob Pilger - Phone: 904.463.1668 .